In the midst of deadlines, encircled by glory, torn by the fragmenting anxiety, in the dark, I string words together to make them sing.

My poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the following publications:

The Boston Literary Magazine
Time of Singing
Assisi: A Journal of Arts and Letters
The Montucky Review
Adroit Journal
The Mayo Review
Quantum Poetry Magazine
Emerge Literary Journal
Ruminate Magazine
Grey Sparrow Press
Dappled Things
The Corral
The Ekphrastic Review
Foundling House 

I have won several prizes in contests sponsored by the Utmost Christian Writers Foundation, and contests sponsored by the HSLDA. I was awarded an honorable mention in the 2012 Dorothy Sargent Poetry Prizes Contest.

My first full-length collection of poetry (Having Decided To Stay, 2012) is available here.