BeairdWedding-477It is because all of the bushes are afire that I write.  Because somehow we must figure out a way to live barefoot, awestruck, transfixed, before the light of Christ that plays in ten thousand places.

I was home-educated using the methods of British educator Charlotte Mason and I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Hardin-Simmons University. I currently live in Texas with my wonderful husband and we are laying plans to relocate to the UK in 2019 as he studies for his postgraduate degree.

I have a huge passion for literature because of the subtle beauty with which it speaks to us about the human condition and the divine nature. I’ve also been fascinated by the visual arts since I was a child and I’m especially drawn to traditional, handmade art on paper you can hold in yours hands. Most of my free time is spent mixing these two things in the hope of stirring hope in other souls. It brings me great joy to create illustrated and hand-lettered artwork celebrating the literary masterpieces I love. I believe there is value and charm in handmade work, and I think this value is only amplified by the digital age in which we live.

I also also love travelling, Celtic design, traditional illumination, snail mail, history, handmade paper (I’m fast becoming a sort of paper nerd if we’re being honest), vintage postage stamps, thunderstorms, Loreena McKennit, creative writing, and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

In November 2018, I launched the Letters From The Sea Tower, my handmade monthly subscription letter that’s full of watercolor sketches, paintings, and snippets of glory from the Great Books. If you join the growing list of people who have supported the project by purchasing a subscription (of any length), I’ll be fond of you for always. 🙂