Marilynne Robinson on Wonder


A thought from Marilynne Robinson today, as I’m traveling with limited internet access. To you and yours, so much joy! If you are like me, you are still learning this thing, and coming along very slowly. But OH, let’s learn it, because not everyone who calls Him, “Lord, Lord,” will come into the Kingdom. This is the one who will come in: the one who does the will. And this is it:

in everything give thanks

6 thoughts on “Marilynne Robinson on Wonder

        1. Well, I read Pigs In Heaven not too long ago. She’s also a pretty decent writer, but I must confess I wasn’t that impressed. The whole premise of the book really rubbed me the wrong way, and so I couldn’t really enjoy her writing style because I was so disturbed by our ideological differences, and I felt like her talent was being misspent. That’s my very candid answer :).

          But that’s all of her work that I’ve read. Perhaps you’ve read something much better? Do tell!

          1. I appreciate the candid reply. Kingsolver can make me bang my head against the wall from time to time so I can totally see how that happens. I think Kingsolver has a chip on her shoulder and it comes across all to easily sometimes but I also think she’s talented. I haven’t read Pigs in Heaven so I can’t speak to that book, but I’ve read Animal Dreams, Poisonwood Bible and Flight Behavior all of which I recommend to people who disagree with her, especially if they disagree with her. Plus, I think if I put her in a room with Robinson they’d have a lot in common ideologically. That comes from reading her book Small Wonders which is a collection of her essays:) It just reminded me somewhat of Robinson, though I do think Robinson still takes the cake.

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